I am going add to add a button to show Add layer dialogue to ArcGIS pro Add-in. All works fine but my problem is although I have set the initial location of open dialog but dialog open in last open folder.

    internal class AddData : Button
        public string InitialLocation { get; set; }
        protected override void OnClick()

            pathMaker databasepath = new pathMaker();

            OpenItemDialog addToMapDialog = new OpenItemDialog()
                Title = "Add To Map",
                InitialLocation = **@"C:\Data"**,
                Filter = ItemFilters.composite_addToMap

            addToMapDialog.MultiSelect = true;
            addToMapDialog.InitialLocation = @"C:\Data";

            bool? ok = addToMapDialog.ShowDialog();

            if (ok == true)
                IEnumerable<Item> selectedItems = addToMapDialog.Items;
                foreach (Item selectedItem in selectedItems)



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