At the time of posting this question unauthenticated requests for Google Maps tiles work.

E.g. the following URL scheme would correctly load the tile shown below


Google Maps tile with icons removed

Note that this is a styled tile as s.e:l.i|p.v:off style directive turns icon visibility off. Without this directive a highway number sign would be visible.

This works as an XYZ tile layer in QGIS 3.

However setting custom colors would not work. For example to make the roads grey I would add an additional style directive s.t:3|s.e:g|p.c:#ffe0e0e0.

The modified URL scheme:


Produces the expected modified result.

Google Maps tile with changed road color

However the corresponding XYZ Tile layer in QGIS seems to ignore this directive and still shows the roads white.

QGIS window image with roads color unchanged

Is there a way to customize Google Maps tile colors in QGIS?

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