I am performing ZonalStatistics (mean value from a Float32 virtual raster) in QGIS 3.4 on a huge geopackage layer. Originally it was 240 GB and after few days the process became odd:

  • The QGIS process bar shows that the algorithm is on 100 % while the ZonalStatistics windows show 99 % already 4 days
  • The GPKG-WAL file is being still updated all the time and now it came to the size of 220 GB - and it is increasing (the GPKG is 278 GB)

What is happening really? Is the main process over or not? How big can this GPKG-WAL become (based on the main GPKG size) and should I wait for the process to finish or stop it? geopackage files

enter image description here

  • I copied and checked just the GPKG file and it was half empty, which maybe implies, that the gpkg-wal file had the other part of the results (and was still calculating) and did not yet update the gpkg. – mazinga Jul 22 at 15:43

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