In QGis 2.x, I could rotate a point symbol towards the nearest geometry of a certain kind by using:

geomnearest('featuretype', 'BEARING')

This however does not work in QGIS 3.x, and I cannot find out what rotation command to use.


geomnearest is a function of the refFunctions plugin, search it in the QGIS extension menu and install it, it's available in QGIS 3.x.

see Plugin page :


Retrieve target field value from the nearest target feature in target layer

  • I have the QGIS 3.x compatible version of refFunctions installed, but that does not help. – Benjamin Donner Jul 21 at 18:36
  • 1
    You have already reported the issue, seems the developper works on the migration to the core (link] – J. Monticolo Jul 21 at 20:19
  • My question is how to get to the result needed as geomnearest does not work, at least not in the way it did before. I would be very thankful for any help in how to achieve this. – Benjamin Donner Jul 22 at 5:56
  • It was not clear for me in your question, hence my answer thinking you hadn't installed the plugin. – J. Monticolo Jul 22 at 7:26

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