I have created an mmpk file for use on an Android phone. I am testing this package out on two separate phones:

  • Phone 1 - Motorola Moto G6 running Android 9
  • Phone 2 - Motorola Moto G Play Running Android 7.1.1

I have downloaded the latest version of Explorer app on each phone (18.1.0).

When I connect Phone 1 to my Windows 10 PC I can find the "ArcGIS>mmpks" folder on the internal storage and I am able to sideload the package to there. When I connect Phone 2, the "ArcGIS" folder is not present so I cannot move the package to that phone. When I open the Explorer app and log in on Phone 1, I can only see my offline map package but none of my online content. When I open the app on phone 2 and log in, I can only see my online content.

Can someone suggest why these apps are behaving so differently on each phone?

  • Does Phone 2 have an SD card? If so, where have you installed ArcGIS Explorer? – Keagan Allan Jul 22 '19 at 0:24

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