I was installing TileStache and and followed all the necessary steps, Upon running the tilestache-server.py file, It starts the server at And opening this into my browser gives the message 'TileStache bellows hello' which is okay. But when I try to run the url for osm basemap layer which is http://localhost:8080/osm/0/0/0.png it always gives me an error message saying "Internal Server Error".

I have tried installing different TileStache versions but the issue is same with every version I install. I am not sure about the reasons that are causing this issue.

Screenshot of the error shared below:

enter image description here

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The default OSM tiles are created using live URL of OSM which is mentioned in the default configuration file of Tilestache. There is a possibility that you have limited network access, Due to which python cannot get response through urllib2 from live URL. You need to test this in the following ways:

  1. Change your network then run Tilestache server and test it on OSM layer.
  2. Create a new style for an offline layer using Tilemill, add it to the tilestache configuration file and run server to test on the new layer.
  • The network change solved the problem. Thankyou!
    – Rao Taha
    Commented Jul 24, 2019 at 5:43

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