I want to import an Esri file geodatabase to PostGIS 2.2 (PostgreSQL 9.4) using or2ogr. I am getting the following error.

ogr2ogr -f "PostgreSQL" PG:"host=localhost user=username dbname=mydb password=mypassword port=5432" cad_gdb.gdb -nlt PROMOTE_TO_MULTI
Warning 1: Geometry to be inserted is of type 3D Multi Curve, whereas the layer geometry type is 3D Multi Line String.
Insertion is likely to fail
ERROR 1: COPY statement failed.
ERROR:  Geometry type (MultiCurve) does not match column type (MultiLineString)
CONTEXT:  COPY plotboundaryl, line 10950, column shape: "01F303002032BF0D000100000001F10300000100000001F00300000300000020001DD879330741009072B29BAE4641000000..."

How can I resolve this?

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