I have a Sentinel-2A and I can't fully classify it beacause it's cloudy. I watched the Luca congedo YouTube tutorial but it is applied to the Level-1C data. And the cloudmasking plugin in used on Landsat data only.

How can I remove/ filter those clouds?


Which Sentinel 2A products do you use? These directly from ESA or that ones which were created with Sen2Cor?

Sen2Cor output provides a cloud layer (e.g. "..._CLD_10m.jp2").

If you use that ones directly from ESA you can use the scene classification layer (e.g. "..._SCL_10m.jp2") or use other layers as proxy (Water Vapour or Aerosol Optical Thickness).


I've worked with cloudy data in the past and the best way I've found to deal with clouds is below:

Depending on what type of clouds you have in your image this may or may not work. If they are small and scattered puffy clouds it should work.

I usually start off by classifying just the area with the clouds. Then when I am aggregating my classes I aggregate them into two classes. Class 1 has clouds and class 2 is everything else.

Then (I use a bitmap in PCI Geomatica) when I classify my entire image I will classify outside of my cloud classification. This way it will ignore the clouds and only classify the ground left around them.

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