I've set up a PostGIS database and imported my map data. Then I ran


to render my tiles. Serving them through mod-tile works just fine. However, the files on my HDD are *.meta files and I would like to obtain *.png files in the standard z/x/y OSM format. How can I prerender my files?

From what I've seen, there's a python script called 'generate_tiles.py' in this repository: https://github.com/openstreetmap/mapnik-stylesheets/blob/master/generate_tiles.py

I'm not entirely sure how to use it though. I also don't fully understand the difference between XML and CartoCSS and how it applies to my use case.

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I eventually managed to resolve this. My problem came from the fact that I had installed mapnik via pip install mapnik. That installs a very old version of mapnik that doesn't work with the most current version of openstreetmap-carto. I eventually managed to get it to run with the following parameters to main of 'generate_tiles.py':

if __name__ == "__main__":
    home = os.environ['HOME']
        mapfile = os.environ['MAPNIK_MAP_FILE']
    except KeyError:
        mapfile = home + "/openstreetmap-carto/style.xml"
        tile_dir = os.environ['MAPNIK_TILE_DIR']
    except KeyError:
        tile_dir = home + "/osm/output/"

    if not tile_dir.endswith('/'):
        tile_dir = tile_dir + '/'

I have detailed the whole process on https://www.akaritech.com/prerendering-map-tiles-in-z-x-y-format/

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