I am using this code to draw points on the map:

marker = L.marker(coordsArray, {
    icon: myIcon,
    clickable: true,
    draggable: 'false',
    title: layerStringToJson.properties.id
}).bindPopup(coordinates).addTo(map).on('click', onClick);

And I have this method to get individual marker properties:

function onClick(e) {

But when I click on the markers, I always have the same result, always the same coordinates instead of the coordinates of every single marker.

Anyway the pop up shows the correct coordinates.

How can I get the individual properties of each marker?


2 options, for a single marker:

var lat = 43;
var lng = -76;

 var marker = L.marker([lat,lng]).bindPopup(lat.toString()+", "+lng.toString()).addTo(map);

For multiple markers use a feature group:

var myMarkers = L.featureGroup();

    // create loop here to add each marker to the featuregroup
    var marker = L.marker([lat,lng]).bindPopup(lat.toString()+", "+lng.toString()).addTo(map);
    //add the marker to the featuregroup
    //end loop


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