I try to use MapServer 7.4 with MapCache 1.6.1 on a Suse SLES 15-system. MapServer is delivering a WMS very well. I installed MapCache successfully (I think). In my mapcache.xml I have set:

<source name="kanaldaten" type="wms">

   <tileset name="kachelnkanal">
      <metatile>5 5</metatile>

If I use the WMS-demo application:

http://blablabla/mapcache/demo/wms everything works fine. A couple of tiles are produced on the server.

But: If I use my WMS e.g. in QuantumGIS or at a simple ...GetMap-Request in an URL no tiles at all are produced on the server??

Am I right that the tile-producing only works, if the mapclient has specific entries?


Allright, forget that question.

The answer is:

Not the WMS-URL should be opened in the client but the url to the mapcache-software:


var wmsSource = new ImageWMS({ url: 'http://blabla/mapcache/?', params: {'LAYERS': 'kachelnkanal'}, serverType: 'mapserver', crossOrigin: 'anonymous' });

var wmsLayer = new ImageLayer({ source: wmsSource });

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