I am working on a project that involves a line feature class that represents roads and a point feature class that represents defects on the roads. I am trying to relate the point feature class to the line feature class so that when I select the road I am able to add a related point with the same name that represents a defect on that road.

I am having no trouble when I create a table and relate records to the line feature class but when I create the point feature class and try to relate it and add a new point in ArcMap I am not able to.

Has anyone experienced this before?


It sounds like Linear Referencing is what you should be looking at. I began learning about it not too long ago, and I found the ArcGIS Linear Referencing documentation and tutorial to be incredibly helpful. I suggest reading them carefully, follow along and perform the example exercise, and see if they will provide you with the functionality you're envisioning.

I primarily use QGIS, so after doing the tutorial in ArcGIS, I performed the same exercise within QGIS using the LRS Plugin and achieved the same result.

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