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Is there any similar function or plugins for QGIS as in ARCMAP for polygons called autocomplete polygon or autocomplete freehand. I am digitising polygons on a DEM as geomorphological research. I need to digitise polygons next to each other with 0 overlap.

I'm a searching for this function in QGIS 3.4.9-Madeira on a Mac.

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    can you explain more what those functions do for those of us who don't use ArcMap – Ian Turton Jul 25 at 10:22

Yes you can, by activating the Avoid intersection in the Snapping options menu (found under Project).

enter image description here

Then just make a new polygon as shown in the left figure with red color. The result will be the yellow polygon in the right figure: enter image description here

  • yes thak you! you are correct – Aruna Jul 25 at 10:39
  • But one thing is missing is that same function but as free freehand polygon formations, is there Anything like that in QGIS? Im not finding it in plugins.. – Aruna Aug 1 at 10:08

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