I was using Modis data (MYDO9GA) product for my research and I was following this document as a user guide.


I applied the scaling factor (0.0001) and valid range filter (-100 to 16000 from document) on my albedo data (from MYDTGA006 product) but values do not seem normal. For example I am getting values between -0.12 to 0). However albedo range should be between 0-1. I was not using raster data. I extracted time series data based on lat long using following link. https://lpdaacsvc.cr.usgs.gov/appeears/

I think scaling is not necessary for timeseries point data.For example solar zenith data looks fine without scaling factor. I was wondering if anyone has experience with his data product timeseries.

Also link to the question asked previously to provide context. Again I am not using raster image (like used in the question below). I am using timeseries data.
Reprojected MODIS NDVI has range from -32768 to 32767, expected -1 to 1

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