I am working with ArcGIS Desktop and have three different raster files I need to merge together. I had no problem finding the Mosaic to New Raster tool, however I have approximately 160 different versions (different dates when the data was collected) and don't want to manually combine them all that way. I was reading about ModelBuilder, but am having trouble understanding how to make my project work. My data is organized like so:

Folder 1 "090w040n": with all the files titled as: "2019060_090w040n" where 2019 is the year and 060 is the day of the year. This continues to day 205 or so

Folder 2 is "100w040n": file name "2019060_090w040n" onto day 205

Folder 3 is "100w050n:......

How do I combine each file with the same dates together into one file and one folder?

I have very little experience with ArcGIS Desktop and none with ModelBuilder so I am a bit lost.

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