While writing some data to a GeoPackage, I set the wrong Coordinate System.

The Actual Coordinates are in a Particular UTM System, but the Table has been set as having data in EPSG:4326.

How do I now change the SRID of the data, without transforming the Coordinates?

I want to do the same thing as Changing SRID of existing data in PostGIS? but for a GeoPackage.

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You can fix it using ogrinfo or sqlite3 by running the following for ogrinfo. You will need to replace ocurences of 3857 by your own SRID code and my_table_name ocurences with your own table name too

# Work well because only one geometry column for table name
ogrinfo my.gpkg \
       -sql "UPDATE gpkg_geometry_columns SET srs_id = 3857 WHERE table_name = 'my_table_name'" \
# Dialect SQLite to get the SetSRID function available
ogrinfo my.gpkg -dialect SQlite -sql "UPDATE my_table_name set geom = SetSRID(geom, 3857)"

and with sqlite3 command line:

sqlite3 my.gpkg "UPDATE gpkg_geometry_columns SET srs_id = 2154 WHERE table_name = 'my_table_name'"
sqlite3 my.gpkg "select load_extension('mod_spatialite');UPDATE my_table_name set geom = SetSRID(geom, 3857);"

Note: Back up your data beforehand.

In QGIS open the Processing Toolbox and go to Vector General > Assign projection.

Select that layer and assign the correct projection.

Leave the output as [Create temporary layer].

Run the tool and make sure the output is correct.

Remove the original layer and overwrite it with the output (only if you have made a backup), or else save the output as a new layer in the geopackage.

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