I live in Botswana. How can I convert the coordinates they gave me on a lease? I think it is very old system they use. Google Maps do not accept the coordinates. and ?earthplane? web age is only for USA.

On the lease is:

A=Y59665 X2493871
B=Y59460 X2493980
C=Y59701 X2494360
D=Y59819 X2494297

How do I convert the X & Y to degrees, minutes and seconds?

I have been searching in every Google site for a converter for these types of coordinates.

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Correct CRS for these coordinates is EPSG:22287 (Cape / Lo27). Conversion from projected coordinates to EPSG:4326 (WGS 84) can be done at epsg.io: https://epsg.io/transform#s_srs=22287&t_srs=4326&x=58958.4440060&y=2491707.7922860

When converting, you have to swap X and Y. For example, for first coordinate A=Y59665 X2493871, when converting, it should be:

X = 59665
Y = 2493871

and converted coordinates are:

lon = 26°25'35.696" (26.4265822°)
lat = -22°31'28.591" (-22.5246087°)

How I found the correct CRS was by luck. Shortly ago I was helping somebody finding the right CRS in South Africa (Land Surveyor Coordinates). Since Botswana lies above SA and coordinates seemed similar, I searched at epsg.io first for Lo29, then Lo28 and finally Lo27, which was the right one. Pure (informed) quessing.

  • You are correct yes it is about 120km from Motshegaletau. I founded it online, the coordinates. I know that district uses -22° and just put that in front of the Y coordinates and the X they just left out the . after 24. The owners was given this lands and do not know where the land are. Some cannot read and write.
    – Elmarie
    Commented Jul 28, 2019 at 10:20

Botswana's grid coordinates is divided into bands of 2° and given as Lo21, Lo23 up to Lo27. Therefore to convert your coordinates the band that they belong to should be known.

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