I'm working on a program to determine the line of site that a particular point will have using the ALOS data set from JAXA. So far I've managed to download a data set, and am a confused on where to go from here. Here's what I'm trying so far:

  1. I would like to use Python as a tool to calculate the data, because I'm familiar with it already
  2. From my research, gdal seems like an ideal tool.
  3. There are a large number of data files. I beleive I should be looking at the DSM file type, which should give elevation data.
  4. I have been able to calculate statistics for the data, and load the DSM with ArcGIS, which seems to work reasonably well in that tool.
  5. I'm a bit concerned about the edge cases, ALOS data is available in 1 degree blocks, what do I do when I want to see the elevation profile across 2 or even 3 blocks?

I have figured out how I can determine the line of site of a particular point assuming that I can see what the elevation value is at a point, or even better, a line. I'm struggling to figure out how to do this with the data set, and I feel like I'm missing some critical piece. Speed is not a huge concern for me, so long as I can collect the data for each line in a few seconds I should be okay, this can run in the background on my computer for a while.

What am I missing exactly? So far I have the following, but I don't seem to be able to get the data that I want, some piece of this whole thing is missing to me...

from osgeo import gdal

ds = gdal.Open('Japan\\N030E130_AVE_DSM.tif', gdal.GA_ReadOnly)


print (ds.GetLayer(0))

for band in range(ds.RasterCount):
    srcband = ds.GetRasterBand(band)
    if srcband is None:


I should add that I'm not fully sold on gdal, if there's a better library to do what I want, I'd take it in a second, so long as I can figure out what I'm trying to do here. Python support is required, however.

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