I have created 'reference points' on QGIS 3.6.3 and ensured I am using a metric coordinate system. The reference points and all data display correctly but when I attempt to add a 150m buffer around these 'reference points' (using either processing toolbox -> vector geometry -> buffer OR processing toolbox -> GDAL->vector geoprocessing -> buffer vectors) the reference points disappear and the buffer does not appear on the map, despite being created as a layer.

Does anyone have a solution to this problem?

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    SOLVED - But don't know how to delete question – Vanessa Jul 29 '19 at 1:15
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    You could post an answer to your own question detailing the solution, which might help someone with a similar problem in the future. – Ben W Jul 29 '19 at 2:17
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    xkcd.com/979 – bugmenot123 Jul 29 '19 at 7:50

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