I am very new to Mapbox and was wondering if anyone knew how to filter a layer based on a formula defined for a field in that layer. For example, I have a 'depth' field in the data and I want to display all the lines that have depth <=500 and is completely divisible by 100 (with no remainder). So the result should look something like this: show only the lines that have depth 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500. There is something like this for styling the layer as a text symbol but for symbolizing the layer as a line, the only option I get is a filter where I need to choose a specific value and not use a formula.


I have done this in two parts

First, apply the filter property as:


Second,then in paint property of line

"paint": { "line-color": ["case", ["==", [ "%", [ "to-number", [ "get", "depth" ] ], 100 ], 0], "red",//color you want to give for lines divisible by 100 "blue"//color similar to background or any color ], "line-opacity":["case", ["==", [ "%", [ "to-number", [ "get", "depth" ] ], 100 ], 0], "1",//opacity given for lines divisible by 100 "0"//opacity zero will not show other lines ] }

Example Fiddle:


  • Thank you. It worked! – P G Jul 30 at 18:11

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