In a QGIS 3 layout is it possible to define an area (that's being used as an inset) where labels should not be shown?

So I have

enter image description here

I'd assume that Position -- Above Map labels would work but the labels still show. The stacking layer is activated if we choose Above Map Layer but then the overview box disappears if I choose the labelled layer.

I know I can make it a solid block but I want the data to show underneath but not the labels.

  • I've heard that 'label blocking' should handle this, but not sure if it's working... – DPSSpatial Jul 30 '19 at 3:21

There is a pretty new feature (since 3.8 I believe) in the layout item dialog, where you can use all Mapitems to block labels. Select the map with labels and then click under item properties on the new "label" icon.

enter image description here

on the next dialog you can choose the items which should be used to block. very cool and new feature of QGIS

enter image description here

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