I am trying to run Raster Calculator in ModelBuilder, however I am getting what looks like two errors after my model reaches a certain step:

ERROR 000539: Error running

I'm not sure if it is a syntax issue or something else. Raster Calculator is used in earlier steps in the same model with no problem.

enter image description here

Below is what I wrote:

Con((("%TWI.TIF%">15) & ("%NDVI.TIF%"<-0.05)),1,Con(((10<="%TWI.TIF%"<=15) & (-0.075<="%NDVI.TIF%"<0.05)),2,3))

Could someone help with my syntax?

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    – PolyGeo
    Jul 30, 2019 at 8:55
  • 1
    I believe it is the second part of your CON statement, this 10<="%TWI.TIF%"<=15 and the other query are not correct syntax. What is it you are trying to ask? Is the tif great than 10 and smaller than 15? If that is what you you were trying to ask then this syntax is incorrect.
    – Hornbydd
    Jul 30, 2019 at 13:26


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