I would like to perform a spatial join of points and polygons in FME Workbench by PointOnAreaOverlayer transformer. The result should be a country polygons with additional attributes from points. I have a workspace:

enter image description here

What I have in rejected features, in attribute table column fme_rejection_code: Invalid Polygon Geometry Type:

enter image description here

Do you know how can I repair or change the Invalid Polygon Geometry Type features? I have tried GeometryValidator transformer - without results - all areas were rejected in PointOnAreaOverlayer transformer.

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The rejected features are probably aggregates (collections).

You can use a DeAggregator to explode the collections.

Aggregates can either be deaggregated before processing or rejected.

Source: http://docs.safe.com/fme/2019.0/html/FME_Desktop_Documentation/FME_Transformers/Transformers/pointonareaoverlayer.htm

  • Right answer! I had to deaggregate and later aggregate the polygons.
    – sk1me
    Commented Jul 31, 2019 at 5:31

@nielsgerrits answer led me to the solution. In PointOnAreaOverlayer transformer I have to deaggregate features, and later aggregate them by aggregator transformer.

enter image description here

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