As of recently whenever I try to edit the properties of a vector layer the entire program just freezes and I'm forced to end the process using task manager. I use Windows 10. Any reasons as to why this might be happening?

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    which version are you using? – Ian Turton Jul 31 at 9:12
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    Try reinstalling QGIS. Does it happen with all vector layers? Where are the layers stored? Are they really large? What happens if you just wait, give it 10 minutes or so? – HeikkiVesanto Jul 31 at 9:17
  • Try to think what else might have happened "recently" at the same time as this issue started. Did you update QGIS? Did you change any settings in QGIS or on your computer? Did you install any new QGIS plugins? Have you noticed any changes in the performance of other programs, or just this one? Are there other programs/processes running in the background? – csk Jul 31 at 22:12
  • To answer the above, I use QGIS 3.8.1. My shapefiles are stored in a PostgreSQL database on localhost. I haven't done any major changes since this started happening. As far as plugins go I did install the qgis2web plugin. I am now trying to reinstall QGIS and will see what happens. – Nandula Aug 1 at 4:35

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