I am attempting to plot specific layers from a set of time-series rasters contained in RData format. I used the code below:


loadset <- load("MOD13Q1_MYD13Q1_EVI_97_2008_89_2009_RData.RData")
getset <- get(loadset) #successfully extracted the contents of RData file
set <- raster::stack(getset)

However when I start to plot or check the histogram using this code:

r1 <- raster(set, layer=1)

I get an error:

Error in .local(.Object, ...) :

What does this error mean and what's the workaround?

RData files can be found HERE.

  • You need to require the associated libraries. They ate not added back when the session is opened. – Jeffrey Evans Jul 31 '19 at 23:08
  • Hi @JeffreyEvans, I have these libraries:library(maptools) library(maps) library(rgdal) library(sp) library(spdplyr) library(raster) library(rgeos) – mand3rd Jul 31 '19 at 23:12

Look at the object


or check if it has an associated filename:


The source points to a filepath on someone's computer, and what happened was they created a raster object linked to a file i.e.

s <- stack("MOD13Q1_EVI_2008_097.tif")

and then saved it out

save(s, "myfile.RData")

All that did was save a summary of the object, like the print above - but none of the actual data from the .tif file.

This is an unfortunate side-effect of the very nice behaviour raster has of not loading any data until it is really needed.

They needed to do this before saving to .RData

s <- readAll(s)

But, .RData is a bad file format for this, better to use writeRaster(s, filename = "somefile") and choose a given format (like GeoTIFF, or even raster's own .gri/.grd).

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