Iam Trying to Generate Landsat-8/OLI NBAR images. Given that USGS Landsat-8 Angtool can generate per pixel view_zenith, view_azimuth, sun_zenith and sun_azimuth angle bands.

Is Relative Azimuth Angle (RAA) (per pixel) given by the subtraction between View azimuth angle (VAA) band and solar azimuth angle (SAA)? RAA = VAA - SAA

Landsat VAA values range from -180 to 180 degree, while SAA (in my case, ranges from 46 to 50 degree. Suposing the above RAA equation, the resulted RAA range of values can reach up to 230 degree, which I see no sense.

Is this how to calculate Landsat-8/OLI RAA?

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