I have a shapefile that I'm trying to produce a specific label for using VBScript. I'm using the values in the [MEASURE] field.

"PI: " & INT([MEASURE]/100) & "+" & (ROUND(([MEASURE] - INT([MEASURE]))*100,2))

MEASURE = 33598.2794

Current Output = PI: 335+27.94

Desired Output = PI: 335+98.28

How do I change the VBScript I currently have In ArcMap to produce the desired output?

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Subtract the INT([MEASURE]/100) value, multiplied by 100, from the MEASURE to leave the remaining 98.28

Use Advanced label expression

Function FindLabel ( [MEASURE] )
 DIM leftval, rightval
 leftval = INT([MEASURE]/100)
 rightval = ROUND([MEASURE]-(leftval*100),2)

 FindLabel = leftval & "+" & rightval
End Function

enter image description here

Basically subtracting 33500 from 33598.28, leaving 98.28 which is then appended to the label

enter image description here

Can also do it in a simple expression but it's a little harder to read and debug

INT([MEASURE]/100) & "+" & ROUND([MEASURE]-(INT([MEASURE]/100)*100),2)

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