How can I convert a LAS data set (displayed as LAS point elevation in ArcGIS 10.5) into a point feature class with x-y-z information attached to it (or stored in the attribute table)?

ArcGIS has the LAS to Multipoint tool (and then the Multipart to Singlepart tool), but the created output doesn't include any coordinates nor height information, as far as I can see.


After converting the LAS Dataset to a point feature class, then add x, y and z coordinates to the TOC with Add Geometry Attributes tool:

Adds new attribute fields to the input features representing the spatial or geometric characteristics and location of each feature, such as length or area and x-, y-, z-, and m-coordinates.

Another option is to use the Calculate Geometry tool. See steps 5 and 6 from Layers with same coordinate system should align/overlap in ArcMap but do not?.

I am not sure why you want to do this, but be caution converting optimized point cloud LAS/LAZ format to a point feature class format. It might be cumbersome depending on the point cloud size.

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