I am trying to set up a temporal layer as outlined here (Note, I'm using ArcGIS Pro instead of ArcMap):


My data consists of one set of polygon features (Parcels) representing agricultural land parcels (Fields: Parcel ID, Parcel Name) and a seperate table (pH_Values) containing soil ph values on specific dates (Fields: Parcel ID, pH).

Parcels: Parcel ID, Parcel Name

pH_Values: Parcel ID, pH, Date

I have followed the instructions at the above link to create a one-to-many relate with Parcel ID as the relate field.This seems to work fine.

My issue is when I try to enable time on the polycon layer. I right-click properties -> Time and Select Layer TIme (Each feature has a single time field). However the only fields available to select are the orginal Parcels fields (Parcel ID, Parcel Name) and the fields from the related table are not present.

I am able to do this using a join instead of a relate however would like to figure out why the relate method will not work as I would rather keep the data in seperate tables.

As pointed out in the comments, joining still keeps my data seperate. My preference is to use a relate rather than a join since I think this is better practice in this case and it's also just bugging me why I can't get this to work since clearly it should.

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    Yes, poor phrasing on my part. I don't want to use join and want to keep my parcel layer with only a single entry for each feature. Using a join I end up with multiple entries for each parcel in my polygon layer which is not good practice. I'll be adding lots of readings over time and don't want my parcel to start having hundreds of duplicates. – Engman Aug 4 '19 at 9:39

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