I've got a chloropleth base map of one variable and then a bubble overlay of another variable. Is it possible to add text within the bubble markers, for say what number is represented by the size of the bubble? This is the code that I have so far and will attach image as well.

basemap = merged_mmr.plot(column='mmr2_pct', cmap='PuBu', figsize=(15,15), scheme='fisher_jenks', edgecolor='#bdbdbd', legend=True, 
                          legend_kwds={'title' : 'Pediatric Vaccination Rate 2018 - 2019','frameon' : False})

# Add pediactric cases to map as circles 
merged_mmr_pt.plot(ax = basemap, markersize = merged_mmr['pediatric']**2 * 100, color = "salmon", edgecolor = "darkgray", alpha = 0.7)

# Turn off axis

# Title For Map
plt.title('California MMR2 Pediatric Vaccination Rates & Reported Pediatric Measles Cases 2019' , fontsize=20); 

enter image description here

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