I am quite new as I only use google earth engine for a couple weeks. So if I missed anything feel free to advise

The goal want to achieved is to perform time series classification on Google Earth Engine (GEE). So far, I have only seen per image classification in the documents. I also found that you can fit a regression with image collection from Time Series Analysis in Earth Engine By Google Earth. But I can't find a way to combine these two together (I know regression and classification is two different things, but maybe I can extract model from time series analysis and use them with classification?)

If using image based classification alone, it lose the phonological pattern which can indicate plants signature overtime.

Is there a way to perform time series supervised classification on GEE?

Update 1 30/08/19

I have found a way around this by extracting time-series features by first extract interval mean in different range as different bands (I based on some random paper I have found sometime ago but I failed to identify which one). And then use the aggregated image to classify. However this method did not fully utilize full-extent of timeseries information, and I am looking toward an alternative solution soon

For more complex model, I might use tensorflow based on slide that I have found by Chris Brown from EEIA 2019 here

If I found anything else useful I will keep update, And if anyone have a suggestion, I would gladly accepted

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