I have to check the street lights of various communities. There are approx. 540 lamps to check, I was wondering if QGIS (or any other opensource software like PostGIS or R) can help me finding the best (aka shortest) way. I have the lights-to-check in a shapefile. I guess it is too complex to calculate with my PC but thought it might be worth a shot to ask here for any creative solutions!

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    It seems to be a version of the Traveling Saleman Problem and a GRASS tool exists : v.net.salesman – J. Monticolo Aug 6 at 11:38
  • yeah, classical Travelin Salesman Problem. the thing with the GRASS tool is, i have only OSM as network. I will try and extract a network from there and see then where v.net.salesman brings me to – sn1ks Aug 6 at 12:35
  • you can also use other GRASS v.net tools for clean and connect network. – J. Monticolo Aug 6 at 12:48

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