How can I convert WGS 84 coordinates to [Arc 1950][35s] coordinates?


S12.14127 E25.96643
S12.23535 E25.90588
S12.23535 E25.90588
S12.23859 E25.79461
S12.27073 E25.66638
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    What software are you using? What data format do you have? How do you want to process the data later on? – Erik Aug 6 at 12:54
  • Arc GIS 10 , I want to use data to display sampling location, – ML74 Aug 6 at 14:47
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    Please Edit the question to provide clarifications. – Vince Aug 6 at 14:51
  • Arc GIS 10 , To display sampling location, Shape file. – ML74 Aug 6 at 14:56
  • Nominated to reopen. This is answerable. Data is in Zambia. Arc 1950 to WGS 84 (8) AKA EPSG:1120. The accuracy of the transformation is not very good; but it's all that's available. – mkennedy Aug 6 at 23:13

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