Laser altimetry data from the NASA IceSAT spacecraft is used to compute x, y, and z offsets for ArcticDEM strip files. The values of these offsets are contained within the DEM metadata, but are not applied. How can I apply these altimetry-derived offsets myself? Solutions using Python / GDAL are ideal but I am really just looking for the logic.

An example metadata file and translation vector:

DEM Filename: WV02_20160702_10300100590AAE00_1030010058954200_seg1_2m_dem.tif
Registration Dataset 1 Name: GLA14_rel634
GCP Month Range (+/- months)=1
# GCPs=563
Mean Vertical Residual (m)=0.004
Median Vertical Residual (m)=-0.003
Translation Vector (dz,dx,dy)(m)= 1.213, 0.366, 0.097 
Vertical Deviation Percentiles(m):
50th percentile=0.340 
55th percentile=0.372 
60th percentile=0.417 
65th percentile=0.462 
70th percentile=0.519 
75th percentile=0.580 
80th percentile=0.640 
85th percentile=0.741 
90th percentile=0.849 
95th percentile=1.043 
100th percentile=5.235 

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