I built a PlugIn with the 'native:shortestpathpointtopoint' tool to find the shortest path between two points on a multipolyline. When I run the Plugin I want to get a message with information about wether the params are valid and the processing is actualliy feasable!

I can check the params for correct datatype, but how can i pre-check if the 'native:shortestpathpointtopoint' will actually work or not without getting a critical error. It wont work, when the two points are not connected by the polyline. I don't want a cryptic QGIS error but rather a: 'Pls check your points' messagebox.

I tried stuff like this but those are already pretty desperate tries:

def getPath(self):

    print('Pathfinder START')

    params = {
        'INPUT': lyr,
        'STRATEGY': 0,
        'TOLERANCE': 2,
        'START_POINT': self.Startpunkt,
        'END_POINT': self.Endpunkt,
        'OUTPUT': os.path.dirname(__file__) + '\\shortestPath\\shortestPath.shp'
    if 'native:shortestpathpointtopoint'.canExecute():

        processing.run('native:shortestpathpointtopoint', params)

        print('Check your points')

    print('Pathfinder END')
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    Instead of if ....canExecute() ... else:, have you tried try: processing.run(...) except my_error_type: print(....) ? – J. Monticolo Aug 8 '19 at 12:01
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    yeah tried that before but didn't work. But somehow it works now! try: processing.run('native:shortestpathpointtopoint', params) QMessageBox.information(None, ...') except: QMessageBox.critical(None, '...!') This works perfectly!! So easy... thank you – MarcoGIS Aug 8 '19 at 12:49
  • So, can you post your valid code and description as answer please ? And welcome to GIS StackExchange. – J. Monticolo Aug 8 '19 at 13:11

It works fine this way:

            processing.run('native:shortestpathpointtopoint', params)

            QMessageBox.critical(None, '...', '...!')

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