I am using QGIS.

I am working with a raster which basically shows like 5 colors. I chose some values with the raster calc in QGIS so I have now 5 different TIFFs where each "color" is defined as 1. All I want to do now is to convert these in a vector shape to merge them back together and classify these different colors the way I want.

I googled some time and found out I have to convert from floating to int somehow. This did't work to.

Is there maybe even an easier way to just define these 5 colors in the original rasterset as values from 1-5 and then export/convert it to a vectorshape?

Can deliver screenshots tomorrow when I am back at work.

  • If you wish to ask about ArcGIS Desktop then please do that in a separate question. – PolyGeo Aug 8 at 19:21

In Qgis, try using using Raster -> Conversion -> Polygonize (Raster to Vector)

  • we tried it, but it doesnt work. We transferred it now to our IT section :P – Johannes Keller Aug 12 at 11:24

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