I'm trying to take a shapefile that can be downloaded here (specifically the shapefile titled PVS_19_v1_vtd_21031.shp), convert it from EPSG:4269 to EPSG:3857, and output the GeoJSON into CSV with only XY coordinates. Currently, all steps work, except I'm still receiving a trailing 0 coordinate. Here's my command:

ogr2ogr -f csv -dialect sqlite -t_srs epsg:3857 -sql "select AsGeoJSON(geometry) AS geom, * from PVS_19_v1_vtd_21031" PVS_19_v1_vtd_21031.csv partnership_shapefiles_19v1_21031/PVS_19_v1_vtd_21031.shp -dim 2

and here's some sample output:


How can I drop the trailing 0 coordinate (I assume it's intended to be a Z coord?)

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You can cast your geometry as XY before outputting it to GeoJSON:

ogr2ogr -f csv -dialect sqlite -t_srs epsg:3857 -sql "select AsGeoJSON(CastToXY(geometry)) AS geom, * from PVS_19_v1_vtd_21031" PVS_19_v1_vtd_21031_2D.csv partnership_shapefiles_19v1_21031/PVS_19_v1_vtd_21031.shp -dim 2

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