I have roads in a feature class (Oracle 10.3 geodatabase).

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Roads are split into separate lines where they intersect. This is an established business rule that cannot be changed.

Each road has related work order records/points (in a separate system).


A new road (#200) has been built that intersects an existing road (#100).

Road #100 needs to be split into two separate roads at the intersection of road #200 (using ArcMap).


What are the options for managing the the road IDs and the related work order records?

(I'm thinking in a generic/business-rule sense; I'm not looking for technical ArcMap instructions.)


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Here are the options that I can think of:

Option 1:

Decommission the current road (#100) using the status field and create two new roads (#101 and #102).

  • The work order history will remain associated with the decommissioned road, not the new roads.

  • The road ID of the decommissioned asset could be stored in a decom_road_id field in the new roads.

Option 2:

Split the current road (#100). Keep the existing road_id for the section on the left-hand side (#100) and create a new road ID for the section on the right-hand side (#101).

  • The work order history will remain associated with the existing road (#100).
  • This means that the work order records on the right-hand side of the road will have incorrect road_ids.

Option 3:

Same as option 2, except we correct the road_id of the work orders on the right-hand side (to #101).

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