I tried i.segment to perform segmentation on a part of UAV orthophoto image, but this always results in stripe-like rectangle segments which I do not expect. Could anyone figure out what happens?

Please let me note that r.info returns the size of this image as 6075 rows and 4525 columns, but g.region i -p returns only 86 rows and 7 columns.

The settings for image segmentation were as follows:

input: 3 bands (RGB) of raster maps
threshold: 0.01
minimum # of segment: 1
max. iteration: 100
others: default


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    It might be helpful if you could post the outputs of: g.region -p and r.info ... for each of the three bands. Also i.group -l group=<your_image_group>. And last, the full i.segment command that you ran.
    – Micha
    Aug 9, 2019 at 18:14


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