I want to sort the address numbers where would show only the bigger number and smaller value should be suppressed away.

I have used earlier ORDER BY-method when using PostGIS but now it isn't possible

How I can manage it using QGIS when labelling address numbers?


Number 17 (blue) and 46 (red) should stay and 3 (blue) and 6 (red) suppressed

Current situation

The current situation where only the smaller address number exist, how to make this opposite?

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    How are the address numbers formatted? What do they look like? Can you provide a screenshot showing an example? – TeddyTedTed Aug 9 at 11:09
  • They are integer numbers – Mickeler Aug 9 at 11:12
  • Do you mean "in every situations where labels are overlapping" ? – snaileater Aug 9 at 11:17
  • yes, bigger number should win smaller – Mickeler Aug 9 at 11:52
  • You're not answering my question ... – snaileater Aug 9 at 11:59

Open the Layer Properties and go to Labels.

Set the labelling mode to Rule-Based Labelling:

enter image description here

Create a new rule and set the Filter to "NUMBER-FIELD" > 9

Set the labelling style as you normally would.

This will prevent any numbers under 10 from being displayed.

  • Is it the question asked ? – snaileater Aug 9 at 11:21
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    I assume this doesn't answer the question precisely, although rule-based labeling might be the right way to do it. The question seems to be about two or several labels residing in close proximity (i.e. in a corner of a building) and about eliminating the smaller one by value. So one should take into account label proximity first and then leave out label or labels which have a smaller value. – Ville Koivisto Aug 9 at 12:06
  • The rule will hide labels even when they aren't colliding ... – snaileater Aug 9 at 12:23
  • This seems like the best possible answer given the currently available information. Unfortunately QGIS doesn't have a dedicated variable like $currentlabelposition that would make it possible to provide a generic solution. Any solution has to be custom-designed for the layer and data setup. @Mickeler needs to provide more information as requested (geometry type and current labeling settings) if they want a better answer. – csk Aug 9 at 15:23

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