How is ee.Reducer.count() counting non-fully covered pixels (and likewise, for ee.Reducer.histogram()) ?

It seems there is an implicit minimum cell coverage, with pixels having only a small part inside the geometry being counted as 0? Is this correct, and what is the minimum threshold used? Did I miss something in the documentation?

Example below shows a simple geometry, that covers 3 pixels, at 27%, 49% and 74%:

  • ee.Reducer.count() indicates only two pixels.
  • ee.Reducer.histogram().unweighted() counts likewise only two, and seems to discard the pixel with only 27% coverage.

Link to code: https://code.earthengine.google.com/14fafad3401721f5ef33543015b539ca

enter image description here

// import 

var rectangle = ee.Geometry.Polygon(
        [[[-92.538634, 40.186573], [-92.538634, 40.186389], [-92.537857, 40.186389],
          [-92.537857, 40.186573]]], null, false);
var CDL_2015 = ee.Image('USDA/NASS/CDL/2018')

// Visu

// show
Map.addLayer(CDL_2015.clip(rectangle.buffer(10)), {}, "CDL_2015")
Map.addLayer(ee.FeatureCollection(rectangle).style({width: 3, color: "blue", fillColor: "#00000000"}), {}, "CLU_here")

// get count

var count_W = CDL_2015.reduceRegion({
      geometry: rectangle,
      reducer: ee.Reducer.count(), scale: 30});    

var count_noW = CDL_2015.reduceRegion({
      geometry: rectangle,
      reducer: ee.Reducer.count().unweighted(), scale: 30});    
var hist_W = CDL_2015.reduceRegion({
      geometry: rectangle,
      reducer: ee.Reducer.histogram(), scale: 30});
var hist_noW = CDL_2015.reduceRegion({
      geometry: rectangle,
      reducer: ee.Reducer.histogram().unweighted(), scale: 30});

print(count_W.get("cropland"), "Number pixels: (weighted)")
print(count_noW.get("cropland"), "Number pixels: unweighted?")

print(ee.Dictionary(hist_W.get("cropland")).get("histogram"), "histogram: (weighted)")
print(ee.Dictionary(hist_noW.get("cropland")).get("histogram"), "histogram: unweighted?")

With unweighted reducers (e.g. count) pixels are included if their centroid is in the region.

See https://developers.google.com/earth-engine/reducers_reduce_region#pixels-in-the-region

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  • perfect, thanks! – Matifou Aug 11 '19 at 21:40

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