I want to add esri_styles (ArcGIS) to QGIS. I went through the web but I haven't found any solutions yet.

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SLYR (https://north-road.com/slyr/) is one tool which does this task.

The SLYR plugin offers rich integration within the QGIS application, by adding common functionality like support for direct drag and drop of the ESRI style and LYR formats to the QGIS application window.

  • However, it is not free.... – user145527 Aug 12 at 14:37
  • 1
    It's not free yet. You have three options: 1. Buy the very expensive SLYR tool; 2. Wait for SLYR to be free, which will happen after enough other people buy it; or 3. Do it yourself (manually re-create the ESRI styles in QGIS). Before North Road came out with SLYR, option 3 was the only option. Once the SLYR tool becomes free, it will be a huge advance over the situation that existed previously. If you feel impatient, I recommend looking up the price of ArcGIS, to remind yourself how great it is that QGIS exists at all. – csk Aug 12 at 19:19

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