Where exactly are the leaflet controls stored that are added to the map? So at anytime in the app, I can check something like


My guess is its somewhere in the map.layers. But theres a lot of layers there. Any way to identify which one is our control layer? and then the attribute which checks if it is currently enabled or disabled.

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Leaflet has no central repository/catalog of controls, neither has each control some default enabled/disabled property.

The closest you can get in Leaflet.draw plugin to check presence of individual draw elements in draw toolbar is to iterate through internal drawControl._toolbars.draw._modes object. This will list all active draw elements.

If drawControl is draw control created with new L.Control.Draw(..., then active draw elements can be listed with:

for (var drawMode in drawControl._toolbars.draw._modes) {
  if (drawControl._toolbars.draw._modes.hasOwnProperty(drawMode)) {
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