I have one vector layer with multiple polygons (purple). I also have a number of other vector layers which are catchment zones (I also have a layer where these catchments are merged).

Is there any way I can sum/calculate the areas of the purple polygons within each of the individual catchment zones?

I need this to work out a percentage of the area taken up by the purple polygons within each catchment.

enter image description here

  1. Intersect
  2. Dissolve based on catchment ID
  3. Create new field and calculate area

Tested on QGIS 2.18 and QGIS 3.4

I can suggest using a "Virtual Layer" through Layer > Add Layer > Add/Edit Virtual Layer...

Let's assume we have ten features in "multiple_polygons" (yellow), and three in "catchment_zones" (grey) accordingly, see image below.


With the following Query, it is possible to achieve the result

SELECT c.geometry, c.id, c.Name,
       ROUND(st_area(c.geometry),2) AS "catch_area(m*m)",
       ROUND(SUM(st_area(m.geometry)),2) AS "mult_area(m*m)",
       COUNT(m.geometry) AS "num_mult",
       ROUND(SUM(st_area(m.geometry))/st_area(c.geometry)*100,2) AS "area_%"
FROM "catchment_zones" AS c
JOIN "multiple_polygons" AS m ON st_intersects(c.geometry, m.geometry)

The output Virtual Layer will maintain the original geometry and some initial attributes including several new, namely 'catch_area(mxm)' (in square meters), 'mult_area(mxm)' (in square meters), 'num_mult' and 'area_%'.


P.S. mind the CRS

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