I'm very new to QGIS, so I'm sure the solution to this is common sense.

I have a map in the WGS 84 zone 58S CRS and am trying to add lat/long coordinates from a text file to it. The issue: the WGS 84 58S CRS uses meters as its reference, but my coordinates are, like I said, lat/long. This is causing my points to show up in the wrong place. If I load the text file in a different CRS (WGS 84), they show up in the right place, but then the data is in a different CRS, which is no good.

How do I take lat/long data in a text file and import it into my maps CRS, and have the data points show up in the correct locations on the map?

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Reproject your data:

  1. load your text file with EPSG:4326 as CRS
  2. Right click on that layer and choose "Export --> Save features as..."
  3. Choose the CRS you want your data to be in (WGS 84 58S)
  4. Save it (choose a file format you like)
  5. Add this new file to your project
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    Yes, that worked! Thank you! Aug 11, 2019 at 19:28

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