I am getting similar WebGL error messages when switching CARTO VL visualizations:

[.WebGL-0x59c22054800]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 0
[.WebGL-0x59c222e5500]RENDER WARNING: there is no texture bound to the unit 1

These errors are being returned when switching from a current visualization to a new created one as shown in this example, but also when blending the visualization with a new filter as in this other example.

I have seen the last option working fine in this block. What is wrong with my examples code?

UPDATE: it looks like the problem is related to the (GeoJSON) data source. Replicating the same examples but using Dataset or SQL works (viz, filter examples).


It looks like it is a bug in CARTO VL library as reported in this GitHub issue. Basically, when your data source is a GeoJSON, it fails when you want to update the color or filter by any property that was missing in the first viz.

Until they fix this, a workaround would be adding the property to the first (and second if you want to toggle) viz.

A. In order to filter by a property that is missing in your first viz, add a variable like this:

const vizCountries = new carto.Viz(`
  @country: $country

Then you will be able to use the viz.filter.blendTo("$country in ['France']").

B. You could do the same when updating the colors or the whole viz:

const viz = new carto.Viz(`
  color: ramp($population, sunset)
  @country: $country

Then you will be able to use the viz.color.blendTo("ramp($country, bold)" or layer.blendVizTo if you have created a second viz instance.

Both of my examples are not working.

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