I have two layers (street name and address numbers). I try to sort layers where street names covers the address numbers. Unfortunately I cannot success because address numbers will always covers street names if I change layers order also. It is always same situation.

Why numbers (address numbers) will be prioritized over text (street names) layers?

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here


this is because your street name and address number are label.

Label are always rendered last (so on top of all layer) you can't have symbology covering a label.

But if you want to choose the label rendering order you may set 'Label z-index' for each layer.

enter image description here

  • How to use this hint when using rule based labeling and two different data layer? – Mickeler Aug 13 at 5:31
  • I set Label z-index value 1 for address numbers and 35 for street names. Both layers has ruled based labeling. Nothing change from original situation. – Mickeler Aug 13 at 5:45
  • I test it on QGIS 3.4 and the z-index work as expected (between different layer, in one layer with different rule and between layer with rule). If you want the street names below you need to set a lower z-index (the higher the index, the higher the label are drawn) – J.R Aug 13 at 8:30
  • I am using QGIS 3.8 version – Mickeler Aug 13 at 10:26
  • What is scale when using Label Z-value? Can I use also minus -values under zero? I try to set 10 to 100 for street name -layers and -10 to -100 for address numbers. It may help a little bit. – Mickeler Aug 13 at 12:45

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