I wish to create a local osm tiles with elevation information. I wish to display elevation info like a contour lines and shaded places linked with contour line values. I know about this source/approach only https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Srtm2Osm but documentation is not enought, and githab rep looks old. This is only one open/free approach? So there are my questions:

  • Which hardware requirements (for server) are needed by using postgres DB (like a storage) and geoserver like a gis server? I wish to get data for Eurasia
  • Which resources exists for this task? Are exist example of stack for task like this?

Shaded Relief or Hillshade is done from a digital elevation model. You build raster tiles. I've done this with ASTER 2 GDEM and from SRTM. There are tons of methods of accomplishing this however, I find Global Mapper to be the easiest, simplest workflow and fairly quick. Otherwise, use QGIS. Vector Tiles stylesheet is modified to include the raster tile URL and vector tiles are styled with some opacity to see shaded relief or hillshade. I've got this data ready to go in MBTILES, OGC GPKG, and ESRI FORMATS ( TPKX and VTPK) maps@TechMaven.net

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