I have got a GeoJSON file with link to the local file, which works.

How to write hyperlinks to local files in GeoJSON properties?

Continuing the question above I would like to have this link sorted directly to the Windows instead the Google Chrome (or another browser) directory.

I found a couple solutions:



But it hasn't help me so far.

For a convenient purpose, I would like to have a folder window popped up instead of the folder directory in Chrome.

Is it possible?

Local folder directory opened in Chrome


Basically, none of the web browsers support a direct access to the local directory. The reason lies in the security policies, explained here:


In case of Chrome there are 2 plugins available:

Local Explorer - File Manager on web browser


Enable local file links

but the result is the same as above.

Only IE enables (so far) open it in the windows app, but also not directly.

You must right-click on your link, click "Copy link" and paste it to the new tab, then press enter.

enter image description here

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