I am experienced iOS developer but I am new to geographical information manipulation. I am developing an iOS application that require me to render a geotiff image file (as a map) and be able to edit the map by placing different objects. And export it as a XML file. Can anyone please recommend me some libraries that can help me with it.

iPad mapping application with custom maps

The answers in this question talk about different application that does that. But I am building an app, so I need libraries/SDK that enable this.

Is ArcGIS a good choice?

  • Have not done anything on iOS but you should check the ArcGIS Runtime SDK for iOS. – Marcelo Villa Aug 12 at 19:37
  • Thank you @MarceloVilla , Does ArcGIS helps in this for other platform you might have worked on? – Subhransu Mishra Aug 12 at 19:39
  • Maybe something like ArcGIS Web AppBuilder or the ArcGIS API for JavaScript if you want to create a web app rather than an iOS app. However you might need acces to a server to do the exporting to XML step. There are also other Open Source libraries that let the user interact and create data with a map on an interface. – Marcelo Villa Aug 12 at 19:58

I've developed a native iOS app using GDAL to manage the vector data, and OpenLayers (in a UIWebView) to display the layers (both raster and vector).

For vector layers, the app uses GeoJSON to communicate between OpenLayers and GDAL. It can use WMTS/TMS/WMS for raster layers.

There is a bit of a learning curve for both GDAL and for OpenLayers. But the app works very well.

For GeoTIFF you can either:

  • Use MapTiler (or similar) to convert to TMS before importing the image to the app (OpenLayers can read TMS locally)
  • Set up a server (eg Geoserver) with the GeoTIFF as a layer that can feed out the data to your app as either WMTS, TMS, or WMS across the network

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